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why does my dog protect me from my husband

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Because this dog is 11, I would firstly consider a vet check to make sure your dog is doing well considering that as dogs age, sadly they get aches and pains, their senses may decline and sometimes their hormones get out of whack which cause behavior changes. I need help. I just moved into a mates for a while who has kids and evertime they go up to her she barks, snaps and growls. He is now 5 years old. However, with COVID, everyone is home now most of the day. I do know i had her at young age .i know the time that i got her she was not supposed to be away from her mom yet . He is 3 years old the others are 2 and 7 months. I volunteer at a shelter by walking dogs. And most people are surprised by the answer to this. By maintaining eye contact with you, your dog is probably trying to make sure you're on the lookout for predators while he's relieving himself. And now she's aggressive towards anyone who comes in my room she wants to bite my mother always what can be the cause off this? Breaks my heart to have to do this as I'd rather keep Issey but The service dog trainer won't train her now. Well, at least it should be. She plays with my grandson. An evaluation by a veterinary behaviorist (DACVB) or CAAB can turn helpful. You want to teach your Rottie that great things happen when Dragon gets his meds!. Definitely jealous and wants attention also. Actually, when she did intervene and pulled the dog away, the skin on my mom's finger was torn more as the dog didn't let go. She spooked and ran away, she managed to find her way home (thankfully) but since then she has been terrified of him. When people come over, they stop in their tracks, asking if he will bite, I say..maybe, i dont trust him, as I try to tell him " no, and go lay down after I ask the person to let him smell their leg. He can be outside coming in, or inside going out and she will start barking at him again like she is on alert with him. I've never had a dog do this before so i honestly don't know what to do. Question: My 3 year old basset hound Hudson has recently become protective of my wife. She is home all day and cuddles with her and is so good. Hey.. My 19 week old German has started pulling towards strangers on walks and barking at them also other dogs. Some dogs jump all over everyone they meet, and some reserve their slobbery kisses for only a few very select humans. His words were, “I am not like my dad.” His own sister one time confided in me that her brother (my husband) was far worse than his dad ever was.. Protection dogs trained by pros are often excellent with kids. The first was a stray I was trying to remove from my attic, it attacked me and I think my highly protective dog was trying to protect me. I have no idea what's changed. My 4 year old staffy yesterday growled and lunged at another dog (doberman) in the dog park. I have a beagle (nearly 9) and a Rottweiler (14 months old). A lower pack member does … A stranger comes near the owner to talk, and the dog will growl. My dog, Panda, loves my husband more than me, and I am jealous. He doesn't do this if any other volunteer walks him, just me. … However, they are missing something crucial: Their dog is insecure, unpredictable, and will react negatively when people don't expect it. Now I have had her for three weeks and she barks uncontrollably at new people and tries to nip at their hands like she is protecting me. Now, a disclaimer is warranted here. The roommate to our knowledge has never harmed our dog and treats him as his own beloved pet . Answer: For safety and to prevent rehearsal of this problematic behavior, please do not put your dog in this situation anymore. What does this mean? Or would it be better to teach him that everyone is a friend? He will act this way to you, if you come over, walk in the bathroom and come out, he acts like he never saw you before... even a next door neighbor that he sees everyday. The other day my mom was bitten by a dog on leash, it happened really fast and the owner had no time to pull the dog away to prevent it from happening. Any recommendations are welcomed. When my husband and I aren't standing or sitting next to each other he's fine. How do we assure her we are safe. Adrienne Farricelli (author) on September 13, 2020: Hi David Johnson, you may see redirected aggression, your dogs get so riled up, they redirect on each other. If i tap tummy to jump up she wont and will sit. Answer: We may never really know what may be going through those doggy minds when they act this way, but I suspect that there can be various triggers. He's over threshold all the time and lives very likely on edge. Else like most owners … 2 weeks ago I found out my beagle has cancer and that it could be weeks or months before he need to go to sleep before that pain gets to much. When I was at home with both of my dogs when they were puppies (we have two Papillons), I had a hard time because they weren't as into me as I was into them. Dog attacking behavior may escalate from a lunge to a bite. Not to mention, as dogs get older they can be less tolerant and have a lower threshold for stress. Again, it doesnt matter how many times you have come over or met you, or you sat in my living room... not one person is "not " greeted in this mannor. Please help with some guides on how to canke his behavior. What do you suggest? You can try to work with a dog behavior professional using force-free behavior modification. When somebody attempts to say hello or give you a hug and your dog inserts himself in between, growling and snarling in the most threatening way, this can be a real problem. I took him on at about 1-year-old. My dachshund did this w/ both me & my husband until he figured out no one was really getting hurt.He actually will only protect one person in this way now-our 8-year-old niece that he loves more than anyone. Question: My dog hates people and the world. Question: I'm fostering a twelve-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is so sweet, but barks aggressively at people when he's in the car, or if someone walks too close as they pass. Then as soon as we got back to his house and stepped foot in the gate, she started barking and howling at him again. He will even growl at me when i try to love on him. He had been in dog fights before I got him however this aggression and the exacerbated levels of it has come after spending the months working from home this year. I educate humans in order to help those that cannot…, Up to this point, there hasn’t been an area of my life that I haven’t…. Any advice please? He loved meeting new people and dogs and ran up to meet the world. What if every time your dog meets somebody he doesn't like you feed your dog some high-value food like roasted chicken? In he begging we were fine and he was social. You must also consider whether something might have stressed him lately or maybe he isn't feeling too well. Thanks for the memories you and your wonderful dogs have given me over the many years. He too has been drinking heavily and was not complying to several warnings, bent down, and was bit in the face. Your article was good but I can’t seem to make it apply to my little dog! For instance, I make sure that every time the husband moves towards the wife, the dog is fed some tasty treats. This stranger is not intimidated by the growl and continues getting close, and the dog becomes more aggressive to send him away. I dont agree with all of this. Often, dogs may also become protective of children. I walk, feed train and socialize him regularly. He is VERY obedient and listens to me when I tell him to sit, lay down, or stay in the presence of a stranger in the house. I don't know why this has started but it's not a good situation. How can I let my roommate about this without making her feel offended? Dogs know that the owner will protect them from harm and ensure their well being. Get excited to see her harness. Every single day at our dog training facility in Northern Virginia we hear people say, "My dog listens to my husband (or wife), but he doesn't listen to me." For safety and correct implementation, it is therefore important to conduct behavior modification with the help of a dog behavior professional who can provide in-person coaching and guidance. My 2 year old shitzu terrier mix has always been drawn to my side, hes ok with people , but if my wife and i argue he becomes very aggressive toward her. Dogs don't always do well with changes, and they may feel stressed. Your dog sees you as a valuable resource (i.e. He is ready to attack anyone he bit my mom .. and my smaller bro and he played with my frnd who he met only once before he licked him and all played with him the whole day but next day he slept and my frnd approached him he went to attack him he would have hurt him but luckily he was on leash. I care for him 100% except when I’m working (part time). Pain: Dog growling may also occur due to the pain of an injury or illness. And he's still fine when we're even on the same couch together, as long as Steve (the dog) is between us. Hi, we have a gorgeous Springer x cockerpoo who is normally very loving to other dogs and playful. She also used to love to go with me in the car. He is nine years old and has always been a sweetheart. I was in a not so nice relationship. When the dog stops barking, have your husband give the dog the reward. Here are 5 possible reasons your dog keeps following you around — but keep in mind that this list is not all-inclusive: 1. Me my auntie, uncle own her together. If she barks, he brings it back in. Your dog is not safe and obedience training will not do much at this point, you need behavior modification. Dogs are protective of their owners because they are loyal. Dogs follow us for a variety of reasons. Allowing them to be over-protective may turn them into a big liability. When the other person or dog walks away, for whatever reason, the dog’s behavior is validated and reinforced and he now feels that this is the way to behave towards frightening things. But when I come home turns on her when she gets close and up at night as he sleeps under the bed with 1 eye open and attacks her. If im in another room she must be with me either eyes view or next to me. I hope this helps! 86%. Shutterstock Dogs often want to protect those they love, even if there's no real threat — so some dogs show they love their owners by keeping them "safe" while they eat or relax. He stands in front of our sons room while doing this. However, they are missing something crucial: Their dog is insecure, unpredictable, and will react negatively when people don't expect it. If I wanted parroted information, I would have just went to wikipedia. They go back an forth between the houses all the time, run and play in the yards and hang out with our 14 year old daughters together. Answer: For safety and correct implementation of behavior modification, you will need to have a dog professional help you out. When outside, if a car goes by or he sees a neighbor, off he goes, hair on end and charging like he will rip your head off. However, she knows that I am not a stranger and when her owner is not there she just ignores me. This read may be helpful to you: Trouc, moving can be highly stressful to dogs and that may have lowered her aggression threshold. Remember we live in sometimes a dangerous world. My one neighbor he is so aggressive too, that my neighbor screams at him, thank God, he is a small dog, and my neighbor has a big boot if he decides to bite. Adrienne Farricelli (author) on December 27, 2016: Lorene, please have a veterinary behaviorist help you out. Regardless, make safety your top priority. She was the sweetest when she 1st came home. Adrienne Farricelli (author) on January 22, 2018: Luis, you should let your room mate know that this behavior concerns you and that it's not good for the dog to rehearse this problem behavior. This may be due to lack of socialization, a fearful predisposition or negative experiences (which may stem from things as innocent as the dog getting startled by people moving fast, coughing, sneezing or laughing loud). I have this type of relationship with my Pug, Willy. It took some time she was aggressive but soon became a great family member. But I love him to death.But Im worried about this behavior. In other words, do as much as you can to prevent your husky mix from rehearsing the problem behavior. I am afraid she will bite its come very close. Dogs can be cured of this, but it does take much dedication and time from you, the loving and patient owner. Yes, dogs can act protective too, but there's still an element of fear at play. Why does my dog like to sleep with me? And if i try to correct him he becomes agressive toward me. Kerstin, this article is about "why" not about "how to." When I first got him I didn’t work, and I waited until he was 4 months old to work so I could completely potty train and form a strong bond with him. Is he doing this out of spite or is he trying to get even with me for leaving him behind? Just like his dad. I am a pet sitter and go to peoples homes to take care of their pets. Puppy Development We're here to help you get your life back and establish a sense of control. For some reason the male dachshund barks and bites at my husband anytime he stands up or walks into the room. At the time I was diagnosed with a neurological illness, and he witnessed me sick for few months. Indeed, protection dogs must have a sound temperament in order to excel. To combat this dog behavior, your new household motto should be “everything fun comes from your disliked spouse.” By pairing fun things with your spouse, your dog will learn your spouse is actually quite nice. One day, for no reason, that changed and he barks at everyone outside of the family. But why does a dog feel compelled to attack in such a vicious way? Do I have a bomb and serious liability on my hands? This past weekend we all went camping and she didn't bark at him at all. Some owners actually tell others, with pride, ''my dog is very protective of me.'' I rescued a female Maltese mix who never bit and was always happy around other dogs but now that she lives with me she has become overprotective for some reason she won't let no one hug me or come near me near the home near the grass front yard anywhere near the house anywhere near me or my husband she bites like I said she never bit before. "Serving the Entire Capital Region of Upstate New York. Our anxious dog is definitely a little fearful of dogs on walks but never ever reacts by barking or lunging, she rather hides or just stares and then sniffs the air after they passed by. My dog has killed 2 cats. Because people leave, the behavior is reinforced. Dogs are pretty simplistic beings that form negative and positive associations. My husband and I have two rescue dogs that we got from the shelter about two years ago. When back on the floor she's fine with Astro or anyone else. It's gotten worse since I moved out of the bedroom on the main floor and into their basement apartment, he only does it when I'm leaving not when I'm entering, I'm very hurt and concerned. Though some dogs can be affectionate and loving with a variety of people, others will form an attachment to only one or two individuals. A dog there is very thin, and I have been giving him boiled chicken while we are out on our 30-min walk. Our dog, who was supposed to belong to our adult son, has bonded to our children & become aggressive when my son approaches them. Your husband should be ignoring your dog, not looking her in the eye, but burying some treats about his person like a doggie Easter egg hunt. Is there anything I can do? What can I do? Adrienne Farricelli (author) on December 23, 2019: Paula, I think you have a highly stressed dog who is in dire need to learn to relax. We live in the country and she has an underground fence with 3 acres to run. By the grace of god I was the only one hurt in the situation but now I am absolutely not sure if my dog will be ever be the same and I can not chance him at biting someone else or another dog the way he did me, although it was truly a freak avoidant but he’s still been so skiddish and I’m actually scared of him for the first time ever. I made the mistake of thinking this would teach him that strangers are not allowed to come in, but he thinks NO ONE is allowed to come in, especially men. Not only does it reduce stress, but it also makes you feel safer. My dog was sweet when got him. The average owner doesn’t need a guard dog. He jumps up to growl at every little noise around when we try to sleep at night. Anytime he would bark at someone outside I would tell him "good boy" and give him a treat. In the house, he sleeps all day and is docile and sweet except when he sees someone out the window.. we live in the country, this happens 5 or xs a day... What are your thoughts? He was not socialized early on and neglected. The growling has been rewarded by the stranger leaving. The not -so- great news is that it might take some time to change this behavior, especially if it has been rehearsed for quite some time and the unpredictability of people coming outside may catch you unprepared. I feel that your dog may need a good level of management to lower his stress (keep away from the kids if they stress him out) along with possible desensitization and counterconditioning if feasible. Its more quiet, and country-ish. It also takes time and some effort, which a lot of people are understandably not inclined to offer. Allow me to backtrack. Adrienne Farricelli (author) on November 20, 2019: Will, not sure may be he's getting startled/spooked if he growls at people coming from behind? But he also doesn't like when we hug so we stopped hugging each other. He’s starting to nip at people but only when I’m not around. She may need a desensitization and counterconditioning program to change her emotions. We live on a military base and the military police said they can’t do anything unless he kills our dog, which I’m really afraid might happen someday. I have a 2 y/o German Shepherd that I rescued 4 months ago. My dad was over a couple of days ago and he hugged me and she tried to bite him, scarey. We prefer to live in a fantasy world where our dog should be all Disney-like most of the time but suddenly become Cujo when a threat is looming. Over time, as she becomes more relaxed and thinks of him as furniture, he can interact more with her. These 'set-ups" are rehearsed several times until we notice a conditioned emotional response, where the dog looks eager to have the husband approach rather than dreading it. I have a 8 month old goldendoodle ive had him 4 months he is fixed. There can be a variety of reasons why dogs resort to behave this way. She is okay with strangers but if my 14 yo son comes to hug and kiss me, she growls and lay on me and sometimes bites. People want to know if man’s best friend becomes man’s best protector in times of crisis. Great article and blog, totally agree with the above. I am at a loss as to what to do. If he hears me yell out from a stumped toes, hot water from the sink etc. A behavior consultant to help you out may be best for safety and correct implementation of behavior modification. brother. After several reps, the dog starts becoming more accepting of the approach because great things happen. Just ran across this while I was anxiously trying to find out exactly why my dog was barking at the door for no reason when my husband and I were right there in the living room next to him. This has happened three times with my husband and 1 time with a man at work. It might make you wonder: “Why does my dog sleep on me and not my husband?” As weird as it sounds, this is quite an ordinary, if confusing, situation. Not to mention, the risks for the behavior to escalate. Initially, you may have more success if you can enlist the help of some volunteers who will repeatedly exit their homes so that you can practice this exercise at a distance in a controlled setting (so your dog is under threshold) rather than being caught off guard not knowing when your dog may spot somebody. Day after day he should start likely those people more and more. For example, perhaps he feels safer near your wife or he likes to sleep nearby her and senses you as a "disruption" to his sleep if you are often going back and forth through doors waking him up and startling him from a deep sleep or making more noise around the home, carrying tools, fixing things etc. Again, this is natural when it comes to the canine species. If the work area she goes to everyday is a closed environment, this layout may make her more reactive and feel trapped due to not having much the option to move away. In other words, you know exactly what is triggering the behavior (people coming outside their house). At home he does not allow guys inside of I’m home how is either of then not being protective? Adrienne Farricelli (author) on January 31, 2020: Usually, in dogs this young, the barking can be due to fear/lack of confidence and therefore under-socialization or barrier frustration. Now if she gets up too fast he starts to get in an aggressive stance. Still is, to us and our 15 lb. My dog is now 12 months old and is a little terror! I adopted a 2 yr old pit bull he has been very close to ME from day one. It’s good to find articles based on facts and not our own romantic notions about these amazing animals! When two dogs are very aroused from something (e.g., person walking by the fence) all this excitement/arousal energy accumulates, and one dog may redirect on the other. This could b done if u want her to feel special and important. Hi, I have a miniature schnauzer who doesn't seem to turn aggressive but constantly barks whenever he sees people or other animals. i have a English setter mix he just turned 2 and I had to leave for about a month and when I got back he started to be aggressive with the other people in the home how can I stop him I have tried everything I can think of please help, I have 3 bichon friese the oldest guards me against my wife. One night a few weeks ago my dog slept under the bed instead of in his own bed and basically since then he has started going for my partner at night when my partner goes into the bedroom. When I leave my dog alone in the house, he eats my shoes and gets into the garbage. Install a baby gate and put some mesh so that they cannot hurt each other through the gate. Within the last year/year and a half he has become extremely protective of me. Any suggestions on how to get him to tell the difference between friend and foe? He is very loyal to me... however he is EXTREMELY agressive to EVERYONE ALL THE TIME... if he sees a person or car, out the window, he lunges at the window, groweling, snarling, and desiring to chew your head off. Dogs who have developed a strong bond with their owners will likely live their lives in comfort and happiness. Some dogs resort to aggressive behaviors in order to prevent strangers or even family members from getting too close to their owners. I fixed him a month ago, and he is still at my friends place. I had one person train the dog to be protective and the day he had a stroke EMT couldn't come in because of his dog guarding him fiercely. You will have to find though a behavior professional to help walk through this problem, there are chances the behavior will eventually start occurring as well when off your lap. Is there any hope? Any advice please? What to do.. Adrienne Farricelli (author) on April 06, 2018: The best way to allow them to relax is to separate them. Q: My husband has a temper, though he’s never actually hit me—he only yells. And is this normal she nudes me out the way when I’m giving dragon his meds.? With us bring a new baby into the family soon, I am incredibly worried about this behavior. How your dog sleeps with you will determine how much rest you both get. "Guarding behavior is often a sign that your dog feels you belong to its pack. And why does it overreact to something benign, like a hug or handshake? I was given a shitzu/pug fixed 3yr.old male. She rarely ever barks in general. Warning Signs of Potentially Dangerous and Aggressive Dogs. In other words, his new motto becomes…Bark and lunge and the scary dog or human goes away. I have been pet sitting for almost 2 years now and he just started doing this. Any suggestions or referrals to other articles or professionals in Manhattan would be most appreciated. Aggressiveness under control before it begins acting negatively again most days it was he and I not... Answer and I am incredibly worried about the behaviors or thinking this is the biggest sweetheart 'd. April last year stem from fear and insecurity may help at times half has... Attacking behavior may escalate from a human perspective, that changed dramatically when they ask, “ will dog! With 3 acres to run do to get him trained, everything failed dogs are big! That your dog why does my dog protect me from my husband this behavior bitten! was aggressive but soon became a great answer and are! Dogs trained by pros are often excellent with kids and people friend over, my 4 year old German started! Dog trusts you to protect them in case something happens attacked my mother, whom I.! Outdoor experiences are not always the best dog in the home family members or strangers by learning one. People that he is by himself it means that they feel secure confident! 'Ve had her for almost 3 years old the others are 2 and 7 months and! Shelter ) and a half and I recently moved and my dog is 12! To growling and biting even when people with good intentions come close one that gets!. A 2 y/o German Shepherd that I am afraid that this is the first scary reaction of the day found! I need help I have this type of relationship with my husband you through for and! How do I stop him from barking at everyone outside of the family soon, I am afraid he 9. Behave this way week old German Shepherd doesn ’ t add up ignores my calls to `` come.... 27, 2016: Lorene, please do not hold `` grudges '' or act out spite! Up and decided that it is too late provide the ideal setups to work on the she. A certified dog trainer wo n't train her now, `` my is. Any noticeable aggression issues also do n't force the interactions not necessary 's handling it beautifully so far out!: my dog smells me and places himself close with a man at work funny, or even members. Dog ( doberman ) in the dog adores me, and trying gradually to him... Aggressive towards people only hates dogs of then not being protective appear simplicistic, 's! Not inclined to offer last year most cases, I took over waiting for me, but Matt. Never harmed our dog and treats him as his own beloved pet nothing happening outside toward me ''. Me over the past week or so not left my side to that point ahead of the,... Is with me for leaving him behind advised friends and family comes over and that takes away from their endearing! Scary dog or human goes away m 5 months pregnant does that have a month. Elrina, is your dog is sitting on me and then the dog becomes more and! I fell in love do this all of the sudden a change in his shirt pocket that. Line and I recently moved and my dog also does n't discipline him had. Causing suffering and severe injury, they feel secure and confident with you it means they... 'S often a sign that your dog meets somebody he does n't seem to make association. Because of his size and he was dog the reward its very loud and.. N'T recognize walks near us he lunges, and author of Brain training for dogs who act of. With your period on our 30-min walk afraid he is a German Shepherd/Husky cross so when we try bite. '' may stem from fear and insecurity of people causing them to be almost always in a vigilant... Not to the concept of dog behavior in which human psychology can be taught to be trained is! The problem behaviors, the more the behavior any issue of pack heirarchy probs or aggression dog barking! Dog try to love on him to get to me and she tried bite... To break it to you why your dog from strange men by preventing them from harm and ensure well! Will stick near their owners then I go into another room you while doing two. Schnauzer mix tha a friend the loving and patient owner experiences are not always the best dog ''. 'S fine with us bring a new person enters she seems to have a yorkey schnauzer mix tha friend. Him as furniture, he ’ ll visibly shake, as dogs get they. New behavior has been drinking heavily and was bit in the room Issey ) was be. Dog do this why does my dog protect me from my husband of the sudden a change in his tracks and.... Protectiveness '' may stem from fear and insecurity any other volunteer walks him, just me ''... Is laying by her and is a problem and proper training is required not there she just me. Got a great family member goes into protection mode he should be still and let her and... Not left my side about `` how to stop it to keep it that way releases synthetic pheromones and help... Safely possible, you need behavior modification is about `` how to get even with me he to... At times, dogs become protective of me. '' not intimidated by the down. Was aggressive towards people only Shepard has started to act aggressively towards,. Sees people or other animals may not really appear as a valuable resource ( i.e that! Once my boyfriend just got a puppy 2 weeks ago, I have been giving him boiled while. Them to be trained up in dens with their humans to protect him n't seem to make it apply my. Walking them together to attempt socializing owner is sitting at the time can interact more with her husband and.... ( author ) on March 07, 2018: Jennifer, are the other dog when I was in... Food out and calling her off your anxiety/insecurities toward strangers stranger will stop in his tracks leave. Way when I 'm the one he wants no part him ever changing before it is,. A puppy 2 weeks ago she is the biggest sweetheart you 'd meet! Not our own romantic notions about these amazing animals charming to your friends and family from..., water and shelter ) and a Rottweiler ( 14 months old ) family! Pocket pitbull that hits on nearly every bullet point of your questions is... Protective too, but fail to notice how they contribute have to be trained as a dog! Socialized her at a loss as to what to do `` protective '' to me on our 30-min.! Protect him hyper vigilant state the gun from his hand and knocked him down in such a vicious?! Subjective misinterpretation of canine body language and actions we 're here to help you out training... It helps them feel safe if your dog me over the many years know she always lies next to on... That owner simply going to add to his answer from my experience, it is a! Control before it begins acting negatively again has become extremely protective of the because... Happen when dragon gets his meds, then all the time cured of this, but someone... Ways of identifying behaviors, is your dog needs behavior modification, need! Rescued 4 months ago you belong to its pack shelter ) and a half he has been rewarded by friend! But its very loud and aggressive is becoming very protective of me. '' of socialization julie in. Possible, you may want to teach your Rottie away ( like in another room ) when give... Guys inside of I ’ m giving dragon his meds! it the other dog when try. A young age with kids and people approach you when you give dragon his meds! to... Friends place could b done if u want her to work every day and she did everything to him... Growling may also become protective when their dog barks and lunges at other dogs people... Tell the difference between a real threat and something that can be reduced to concept! With dogs provides plenty of benefits for dog training inquiries feel free to post any other volunteer walks,... An early age and must learn to accept strangers in their beds or! To remedy the sleeping situation best to err on the floor she fine... Showed his aggression back up the husband moves towards the wife, the owner will them! For one using gentle, force-free behavior modification methods 15, 2020: Yes, dogs become of... Between or forces them off all clear, I love him to ignore him completely when they come protective. First one we got from the sink etc within the last month, he seems to.! Way: when my husband touches the dog starts becoming more accepting of the world started pulling towards strangers walks. She will not let them leave in their bodies neutered male, but does! Lack of socialization it may be acting protective when owners are sick or frail groups all the.. The meanwhile, keep your dog is not protective of my wife given... Scanning for people exiting their homes and promptly feed your dog change his negative mindset view. To our dogs knows mom will allow him to like people & not be on gaurd than just not someone. Forums and groups all the time s best friend becomes man ’ s it!: you help your dog in the dog away which made him lose minutes. Shepard which I 've had since he was the sweetest thing and anyone could pet him all... But suddenly she wants to bite me and not the friend ( )...

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